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Intelligent, reliable and secure website design. IT services and more … - intelligent website design

 We are here to help you make your mark on the internet.

We can provide you with a ground up solution that will make your mark on the great world wide web.  We provide websites and online solutions that are set up quickly and efficiently. Your edge with us will be visually engaging websites with creative and original content. We use latest technologies and techniques that will make your future site a memorable experience. We put great pressure on responsive layout, our websites must look stunning on computers and mobile devices.

Logo, Design and Animation

Logo, animations and original graphic content are our speciality. We refuse to use the same templates and stock images as everybody else. Our graphics and engineering team will work day and night in order to provide you with the design that will stand out but at the same time will be clear and simple. Help us tell your story with a clever and artitsic touch.

Intelligent web design

Intelligent web design

Intelligent web design

Intelligent web design

Startup Wise - Intelligent web design

Online Security and IT Solutions

We consider online security a serious matter, and so should you. Online crime and hack attacks are increasing problem each year. When starting up your business you should consider securing your workspace as best as possible.

Data breach or website hacks can cause serious reputation risk, it also can cause google stop listing your webiste in its search engine.  Let us help you figure out the IT and security solutions that will fit your needs.

Start Up Wise

Social Media Managment

Active presence in a social media is a essential in advertissing your business and staying in touch with your customer base.

If you do not have the time to manage your social media activty, do not let that get in your way. We are here to help, create or run your social media profile.


SEO and Analytics

After the site is build, our work is not over.  It’s time for ongoing monitoring,  visitor data analysis and search engine optimalization.

With the right content, graphic display and internet startegy, making to the top of google search engine list will be much easier.

All of our pages come with intregarted GoogleAnalytics and Google search console modules

Budget Customisation

Each one of us is diffrent and we want diffrent things, why should not the price be any diffrent?

We can tailror our services to your budget and your needs. The pricing table below is just a guideline for us. All prices are negotionable and are dependant on the scale of the project and a website you have in mind. For search engine optimalisation services pricing please contact us directly.

Start Up Lite

  • HTML5 or WordPress / Joomla Installation
  • Server space up to 5GB
  • Email set up

Start Up Good

  • 1 Domain name
  • Logo design
  • HTML5 or any desired CMS installation (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)
  • Server Space up to 20GB
  • Email Set up
  • Mailling lists

Other Services

price deponds on the contract
  • Graphic design; logo, business cards, letterheads, banners, posters etc. We ship any hardcopy materials world wide. 
  • Search engine optimalisation
  • Server and website security analysis (penetration testing)

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If you still have doubts about our services, just read the following comment from our CEO and creator; 

No body needs another boring and forgetable website!

Luke Celitan

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